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  1. Moyra permalink

    Regarding the picture of the hands holding the broken bread on page, can you please tell me if it was intentionally taken to show the two faces of the old man and the young girl in the two pieces of bread? It’s amazing, thank you for showing it.

    • Moyra
      The image was chosen purely as a picture of hands breaking bread!
      I have looked long and hard but I am afraid I have failed to see the faces you have found…
      But thanks for reading the posting
      go well

  2. Harry Winter permalink

    Harry Winter’s May 4, 2014 article “Pope Francis’ Letter ‘The Joy of the Gospel,’ and Ecumenism” was published in Ecumenical Trends 43 (Sept. 2014, #8): 9/121, 14/126-16/128.

    • Harry
      thanks for your reference. I do hope I haven’t quoted you some where without acknowledgement.
      Good to know that someone reads the posts!
      Go well this Easter

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