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August 8, 2013

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  1. Chiduo permalink

    It is claimed that the arrest of Chonji has to do with the son of the Tanzania’s ambassador in China, the one who threatened the Tanzanian prisoners in Hong Kong prisons to stop writing the letters you publish on this website. It is claimed that the ambassador’s son is also involved in this drug business. The son was given by Chonji drugs worth Tsh. 250 million to sell but later informed Chonji that the drugs have been lost or found by the authorities to which Chonji didn’t believe. So, Chonji arranged for some guys to rape him, who they did. His father responded leading to the arrest of Chonji and others. This is what has been claimed her

    • Thank you Chiduo …most grateful for your post….any further info most appreciated.
      Fr John

  2. Sorry Babu, I had wrong link. Please repost your comment here. John

  3. David Timbs permalink

    Re the item posted 16/02/14: Publishing documents in language, such as Swahili, beyond the literary grasp of most people has been and will continue to be a problem on this website. Credibility and confidence will be secured when translations are made, side by side, on the same date.
    Better not to publish until translations are done, John. Leaving it till later means an opportunity lost and not attending to it at all won’t inspire people to revisit this section.

  4. Rafiki permalink

    Just to mention that the inmates’ letter of 12.8.2013 posted on:

    does not correspond to the translation posted below it, but this letter would also be very worth translating.

    Is the Kiswahili original of the translated letter also available for posting?

    For credibility, it is suggested that the translations are always posted together with originals for easy checking.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you Rafiki for new message. I will ask the inmates to give me both Swahili and English, together, in future.
      If you or anyone you know could please translate any letters that are only one-language, I’d be most grateful for help ….and will post the translations with the original letters.
      God bless!
      Fr John (still in Australia for holiday/meeting)

      • Fr. John! First of all I’m astonished by these letters. I don know what to say at this time when I am trying to believe. The mentioned letter is not accurately translated. I hope that there are many Tanzanians who are good at translating Swahili to English if you think you need to make use of them.

    • Thank you Kaghondi for your comment. Please use your Facebook account to spread the message. If you or anyone you know would like to post something on, please email me:
      If you can find someone to translate the letters, I’d be most grateful

      God bless!

      Fr John

  5. Rafiki permalink

    Plse can you confirm the following info from your sources?


    Breaking News: Confirmed: Mwigulu, Nchimbi, Ridhiwani & Kapuya Banned
    From The US

    Through our source within intelligence circles, we can reliably and
    authoritatively report that, Mwigulu Nchemba, Ridhiwani Kikwete,
    Emmanuel Nchimbi and Juma Kapuya have been blocked from entering the
    United States as a result of various allegations against them.

    Mwigulu Nchemba has been barred because of the serious allegations of
    terrorism against innocent civilians, while Ridhiwani and Nchimbi have
    been blocked because of their involvement in drug trade.

    The two are believed to be behind the thriving drug trade in Tanzania.
    along with Kinje Ngombale Mwiru, the two ensured the woman by the name
    “Masongange” escaped jail in South Africa. In fact the three,
    Ridhiwani and Kinje Ngombale Mwiru were the real kingpins behind the
    massive drug haul.

    The same cartel sends many young ladies and artist as mules to
    Hongkong and Macau. The allegations renders the persons mentioned
    above inadmissible on “Character” grounds. They are people considered
    dangerous in the United States soil.

    Juma Kapuya however, has been barred due to the serious “Rape”
    allegation of the underage girl who sought refuge at the United States
    Embassy after her life was threatened repeatedly by people believed to
    be Mr. Kapuya’s proxy’s.

    • Thank you Rafiki for so much information.
      At present I am in Australia on holidays.
      I will check your info with Tanzanian inmates when I get back to HK.
      John W

  6. Chialo Malenga permalink

    I am personally disheartened by the persons who mud-sling our President’s son on his involvement as a Drug Dealer! In fact this has sparked anger among the citizens who think that China has been awarded many contracts in return to the release Of His Excellency’s son in Hong Kong. Should anyone provide clear evidence regarding this, lest we do not fall apart as brothers and a nation!

    We very much love our Country and our President!
    God bless Tanzania!

    Patriot of Nation

  7. Thank you Sule for your comment. Sad indeed that talented people become drug mules. HK prisons contain a big number of talented people, locals and others ….from all professions.

    One reason for typing letter is to avoid the inmate’s handwriting from being recognized.

    Apart from a few English corrections I’ve made (spelling, grammar), the letter is 100% the work of a very talented Tanzanian inmate.

    Inmate is hoping bloggers and others will translate his letter into Swahili. He prefers to write in English.

    I will pass on your request that future letters be in Swahili.

    John W

  8. Sule Kadui permalink

    These prisoners seem to be very fluent in English. If a Tanzanian drug mules can write letters like those one can rightly ask why they ended up becoming drug mules. On the other hand, the typed letters leave much to be desired because some of the Tanzanian drug mules arrested recently in Ethiopia cannot write to that extent and make such arguments. As a result, I don’t trust the content of the letter 100%.

    Also, the fact that most of the the letters are written in English, very few Tanzanians will be able to read and share with others. Tanzanian speak Kiswahili, not English. So, if you really want to spread the message or campaign across, the letters should be in the language understood by Tanzanians.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Kiiza for your comment. A new original letter, handwritten, in Swahili and English, is due to be put on my website in the next few days. It’s not convenient to put the inmates names’ ….might be a cause of embarrassment or even danger for their families. What Tanzania needs is not the names of the 200 HK inmates, but the names of the 100 drug lords in Tanzania!

  10. Thank you Anonymous, Saharasoulfood and Julius for your comments. Please help keep spreading the news: don’t become a drug mule

    • Kiiza permalink

      More details needed in the letters, especially the names of the prisoners, how they got into being mules, etc. Those letters should be original. Otherwise, people will question whether those letters are genuine.

  11. JULIUS permalink


  12. I also doubt this letter.
    Why do these prisoners disclose their identities anyway? If they are serious, I believe they should give more details about themselves and their fellow inmates. Sych as their names, when they were jailed, how when and where they were jailed, who was their drug lord in Tz, who was their contact etc.
    V2Catholic, we need to hear those facts for us to atleast believe. You have written the same thing the papers and everybody is saying, short of the names.
    Give us more – for us to believe!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Its high time Tanzania begin doing something about this illegal business and as suggested that “big fishes” be sought and dealt with is a correct approach. Lets not begin politicing as to asian/big nosed/foreign devil as it is useless at this particular time but what is important is how we shall save our nation taking into account the number given of the Tanzanian persons who are in prison in Hongkong now serving a term of 23 years being the minimum sentence that means all this manpower for the nation is lost just like that. Let us not allow that happening again by discouraging such business. If i was the machinery i would initiate investigation and bring the culprits to be dealt with according to the law it is a big thing and as said a wake up call please Tanzania do not close ur eyes in this particular thing as the evidence is clearer than before taking into account 200 Tanzanians in Hongkong prison that itself states the ex tensity of the problem lets look at it with open eyes knowing the effects can one day go to our own kids or families and we shall be haunted by the feeling we never did nothing to stop the whole thing

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Salome for your message. Can you please explain which facts are not correct.
    God bless.

  15. Salome permalink


    The latest version is distorting everything. Think of making some corrections or remove it till you check the facts.

  16. OK Tackaberry, I’ll get a copy of the letter in Swahili …and try to post it in the next day or so

  17. Thank you Tackaberry for your comment. Inmate asked that his letter be typed….and I spent more than an hour typing it’s six pages! Letter is 100% genuine, like the previous letters. And there’s more to come.
    I am a Catholic priest, a prison chaplain. I visit Hong Kong prisons almost every day and often see the Tanzanian inmates. They are deeply upset that they will not see they families for many long years and that their families are suffering because of their imprisonment. I am trying to help others avoid the same fate ….as well as trying to help protect Hong Kong society from drugs. I also visit local drug addicts in prison ….the other side of the coin ….and I see the severe damage that has been done to their minds and bodies. This is a totally lose-lose situation and must be stopped

    • Tackaberry permalink

      v2catholic, the letter may be 100% genuine, like the previous letters, but the problem is to prove how genuine it is. Anyone can claim what you have just said and that is the problem. Given the content of the this letter, it would be extremely impossible for Tanzanian bloggers to post on their bloggers such serious allegations if they cannot verify the source of the letter. For example, it is not known who and when the prisoner wrote the letter. Journalists in Tanzania do not enjoy the freedom of press. Even if they enjoyed such freedom, they would still need to verify the source of the information.

      Even if the letter is 100% genuine, it should have been written in Swahili, the language which most Tanzanians will understand. I think if you really want to pass the message across, you will have to change the way these letters are published. Otherwise, this letter may end up just on this blog to the disadvantage of the alleged prisoners in particular and the Tanzanians in general.

  18. Tackaberry permalink

    It is difficult to rely on the latest letter from the Tanzanian drug mule. It is extremely difficult unless it can be indicated how the letter was written in that form inside a prison as well as how it got out of that prison. As Chris said, the previous letters appeared to be genuine and provoked genuine discussions in Tanzania, but I don’t this think this one will do the same because it would be easy to refute its originality.

  19. Hello again Chris. I’ve checked re the inmate’s letter of August 8. No offence was intended. He said he used a generic term for Asians that is common in Swahili….a term you wouldn’t use directly with an Asian (except in jest with a good friend) but which Swahili speakers commonly use among themselves
    ….much the same as Chinese use “Foreign Devil” or “Black Devil” or “Big Nose” as generic terms to refer to foreigners …not intending to offend….and which they don’t use directly unless in jest with a good friend. But you are right: from the point of view of politically correct speech, none of the above terms should be used. Inmate will not use such a term in future. John W

  20. Thank you Chris. I will check on this. John W

  21. Chris permalink

    The last letter from the Tanzanian drug mule is not politically correct. It is in fact racist and the author should be asked to rewrite it minus his racist descriptions of people of Asian origin. The previous letters were genuine and provoked genuine discussions in Tanzanian social media. This letter only serves to ridicule the efforts in openness by the previous authors.

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