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Comments on articles by Harry Winter

May 9, 2013

Comments welcome here re articles by Harry Winter

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  1. Austin Cooper permalink

    Re the article on Ordinariates, May10:

    Many thanks for your article which I greatly enjoyed. I am glad you were able to consult people who have had experience of the new Odinariate like the Archbishop of Anchorage. I have one of the priests in the Ordinariate in one of my classes and another in a reading group I have (reading my new book on Newman!): the latter was one whose Church I often frequented–they had a wonderful Evensong and Benediction on the First Sunday of each month. While they tend to be traditional (rather than entirely conservative) they are also quite open to change and development. I wonder whether the whole movement will get much support now?

  2. Bro Jeffrey Gros permalink

    Re the article on Ordinariates, May 10

    Thanks. A thoughtful contribution, and some very useful bibliography.

    We shall see where this goes. Of course, Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) has said, in Buenos Aires, that he didn’t find the idea a good one – we shall see if his local attitude has any influence on policy in his new role. Of course, it clear that the international episcopate was not consulted when this move was made. Indeed, both England & Wales and USCCB had voted down a similar option in the early 90s. Vatican II was clear about the end of “uniate rites” as a form of union, while supporting religious freedom and the continued existence of Eastern Catholic Churches. It has taken a while to find a formula to satisfy those lobbying for such a solution. Cardinal Law had suggested a personal prelature, but that did not lend itself to positive response by the USCCB at the time.

    There are a plethora of attitudes about this move in Anglican and Catholic circles, and it is too early to group them into typologies, since the best are more nuanced than to be simply for or against. It will be interesting to see how the facts on the ground, the canonical provisions, and the ecumenical fall out develop.

    I don’t have many contacts within the ordinariate group or with bishops who have taken whole parishes (I gather that there are more clergy who want to take advantage of these new liturgical practices than congregations who have made this option.), so I am quite uninformed by the experience – which you rightly note is essential to a fair evaluation process. The ordained former Episcopalians I do know are more concerned about joining and serving the Catholic community, so these folks are not their community.

    Keep up the good work,


  3. Thank you Harry for another excellent article

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