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May 9, 2013

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  1. Joseph Quigley permalink

    “Sacra Liturgia Conference” Sacre bleu! I uttered in my limited French. Is nothing sacred any more? If I did believe in the devil – and I don.t, human nature is flawed enough – he would be boasting to his minions that his greatest triumph would be splitting Catholics over the holy sacrifice of the mass. At the heart of the mass is the fact that God the Son became man and lived among us, taught and worked miracles for us, offered himself in the gesture of ultimate unselfishness as a pleasing sacrifice to his Father making all other forms of sacrifice redundant. The rituals of the mass emerged over time and as is the way with human nature became over-decorative and elitist. Vatican 2 wanted to give the mass back to the People of God – the devil wouldn’t have liked that idea – but reactionary elite bade their time. David Timbs maintain your vigilance over the activities of these wreckers. We who still remember Good Pope John need you to read the signs of these polemical times.

  2. (Prof.) Albert Wingell permalink

    David: Your article on the Sacra Liturgia Conference opens up a wide and deep perspective. Your analysis is subtle and differentiated, even about those who are not (much).

  3. Stephen K permalink

    A very concise report, David. The link to the Tablet editorial put much into important context, too.

  4. Stephen K permalink

    Darlene, traditionalists, or kulturkampfers like Tracey Rowland, do not think the Holy Spirit is schizophrenic: rather they do not think the Spirit operated in the Vatican Council at all. The hermeneutic of continuity is code for recasting the Vatican Council as if they could erase the aftermath like a bad dream. They cannot imagine that the Holy Spirit might move the world and the church into directions which they think abhorrent. Their “Spirit” is not so much unpredictable Breath or Wind but more like Compressed Air confined by theological “stare decisis” and canonical law and precedent. Theirs is a particular way of looking at reality and truth, that makes it difficut for them to see any positives in other ways of looking at things. Those who disagree with them must not, through hubris or pride, fall into the same trap.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how it seems that Church people must think that the Holy Spirit is Schizophrenic…There is belief that the Holy Spirit can support the likes of Ms. Rowland and also support any and all who promote Vatican II. Impossible….someone’s got it wrong…and it’s not Pope Francis and all of us Vatican II Catholics!

  6. Re: article on the Gary Wills book

    A very clarifying article, thank you. I will take the time to read Mr Wills’ book fully, but for me, the concept or tradition of sacrifice and ordained priesthood for the Eucharist is not the problem: it was the characterisation of the priest as ontologically different (i.e. superior) that led to a lot of problems and neurosis in the church. I think a far healthier approach is to see ordination as commissioning, not as metamorphosis. It seems, from what you are saying, David, that this in fact was very much how it all started. At any rate, it would make more sense of the relationship of baptismal priesthood – as a sacrificial mode of life, and a general ministry of all the baptised.

  7. Thank you David for all your articles

    (Index of articles:

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