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April 16, 2013

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  1. Bakhita permalink

    Daily Bible blog10th Dec
    Thank you for the bible verses on letting the little children come to Jesus. My little one who is now 2.5 years watched a TV series that is now showing on one of our local channels and he is very upset with the ‘bad guys’ who nailed Jesus on the cross. He however says that God is very generous for letting His son get beat up by the ‘bad guys’ so as to protect us from the ‘bad guys’.
    If at this innocent age the little ones know that God is generous, we too have a thing or two to learn from the little ones. All we have to do is have the trust and the faith that with God on our side, or using the little ones language- ‘in our team’ and His generosity, we have absolutely nothing to fear as He will always protect us from the ‘bad guys’. It is my prayer that the lessons that we impart on the little ones about Christ will remain etched in their minds and souls so that they may always know Christ.

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